Manta Rays never left Addu

17 August 2023

The August 8 is the date of the completion of dredging and reclamation works with a total duration of over 10 weeks. 

Despite the concerns that Manta Rays would not be anymore present in Addu, local dive clubs indicate that the Mantas never left Addu atoll.

One of the dive masters monitoring the coral and marine life health in the Marine Protected Areas says:

"The monitoring for these months began prior to the arrival of the HAM318 in Addu City; throughout the dredging, we have not seen any damage, coral bleaching, or changes in the marine life in marine protected areas. However, visibility decreases to 10-15 meters during the outgoing current, and manta rays won't be there since they prefer the presence of incoming current. Resorts and dive shops have been diving in the manta cleaning station and British loyalty during the entire reclamation work. During our most recent monitoring week (August 15), we observed 6 mantas in the cleaning station and 2 mantas feeding on the surface. After a major project in Addu City, we are overjoyed to find that every marine protected area is in good health."

We have previously shared videos of Manta Rays 2 weeks after dredging and reclamation commencement (see here).

On 11 August we had the chance to witness once again three of those magnificent creatures in the Manta Point Marine Protected area, along with a group of recreational divers and local dive masters.

On August 15 another video was shared by a local dive master showcasing that Manta Rays remain in Addu atoll. A total of eight Manta Rays were spotted on that day according to the dive master.


This indicates that all the mitigation measures to keep turbidity and sediment dispersion to the acceptable environmental levels have been effective. The Contractor remained committed to this target and the results are already visible. 

Moreover the coral health in the Marine Protected Areas has been monitored by the local dive clubs during and after the dredging and reclamation works. They have indicated no impact from the dredging and reclamation works.