About the Project

The Addu city reclamation Project is a one-off land creation and shore protection project proposed to create a land area of approximately 190Ha. The proposed land creation for purposes of residential, commercial, and industrial development is estimated for Hithadhoo and Maradhooo – Feydhoo.

The Project from the Ministry of National Planning Housing and Infrastructure (MNPHI) is part of the Addu City Development Project to help transform Addu City into a fully functional city, a thriving economic hub and an attractive tourist destination.

The scope of work consists of design and construction of:

  • Land creation of 76Ha and shore protection works in Maradhoo
  • Land creation of 90Ha and shore protection works in zone-1 and zone-2 of Hithadhoo
  • Land creation of 3.3Ha and shore protection works for the Four Lane Link Road
  • Creation of 3 island resorts with 8.3Ha each
  • Construction of storm water drainage
  • Relocation of existing utilities

Environmental and Stakeholder Management are two key pillars on the Project. Specific environmental management and impact mitigation measures have been put in place to minimize impacts such as sedimentation, impact to benthic habitats or marine fauna. Read more here.

Preparatory phase of the Project has begun in June 2022 and the dredging will be performed in 2023. The Project is expected to be completed in 18 months following commencement.


Construction of Containment Bunds

Sediment containment bunds will be constructed along the perimeters of the newly created land before the actual sand filling occurs. Bund walls will be constructed using rocks, in-situ material and/or geo-tubes/bags. These bunds will be used as base layer for coastal protection.


Dredging and land creation

A so-called Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD) will be used to undertake the dredging and reclamation works. Along with the dredging vessel the required support vessels, floating and sinker lines shall be mobilised to site.

Sand for the reclamation fill will be dredged from selected borrow areas within the Addu atoll. The results of the sand search have been used to determine the borrow areas where sand is deemed to be available.

The two areas approved as part of the Dredging and Reclamation Permit for the Project are shown on the picture hereafter.

Borrow areas 


Coastal Protection

Revetments will be placed along the seaside or lagoon side of the newly created land in order to prevent erosion. Placement of under layer (if any) and armour layer stones will be performed using cranes and grabble. This rock revetment should prevent the shoreline to be eroded by the waves action.


Drainage system

Stormwater drains will be installed in the reclamation areas to drain the storm water. They will be constructed with sand filled Geo-Mattresses. The drainage system will be designed to minimize the risk of flooding in case of heavy rainfall.