Manta Rays in Addu during the active phase of dredging

16 June 2023

Addu atoll is one of the best places in the Maldives to spot Manta Rays. Manta Ray or Madi (in Dhivehi) is most frequently spotted at the Manta Point Marine Protected Area (MPA) in the north side of the Addu atoll.

As a requirement of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) data of the sightings of those magnificent and charismatic animals needs to be obtained during the active phase of dredging. 

Despite of major concerns that the Mantas would not stay in Addu due to the dredging operations, the proper mitigation measures for turbidity containment prove to be effective and Manta Rays are staying in the Manta Point. 

The video below is taken by a dive instructor in Manta point on 12 June 2023 after two weeks of active dredging operations.

The photos and video below have been shared by individual divers from Manta Point on 16 June 2023.