Arrival of the TSHD HAM 318 and commencement of reclamation works

24 May 2023

The trailing suction hopper dredger – HAM 318 is set to arrive in Addu City in the early hours of May 28th and the dredging works are set to commence the same day. We will begin with trial dredging works at Hithadhoo zone 2. A TSHD has pumps and engines that enable it to take soil layers from the sea bed. The suction pipes run from the vessel to the bed. A draghead is attached to the end of the pipe and lowered to just above the bed, making it possible to regulate the mixture of sand and water that it takes in.

Each cycle of operation by TSHD is called a trip and the sequence of each trip is:

  • Sailing empty
  • Loading (dredging)
  • Sailing full
  • Discharging (unloading)


In Addu, the material from the TSHD will be discharged to the onshore sites by pumping the material through a floating pipeline. Currently, the reclamation lines (floating and land) are being set up to prepare for the dredging works. Original contractual works for reclamation will begin from Maradhoo/ Maradhoo-Feydhoo island.

Meanwhile, containment bund construction has been completed at Maradhoo, Resort 1, and Resort 2. Bund works are progressing at Hithadhoo Zone 1 and Zone 2. Resort 3 bund works are set to commence soon.

Citizens of Addu are requested to follow the project website and city council social media pages for project progress updates and any announcements on the Project.

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