Stakeholder meeting January 2023

10 January 2023

As part of stakeholder consultation, a second stakeholder meeting was conducted on January 10th 2023. The first one was conducted in May 2022. During this second meeting all relevant project stakeholders were invited including Heads of Institutions, Nature park, resort owners, NGOs, dive clubs.

Following introduction and welcome to the event by Employer, a project presentation was given by the Contractor. The presentation covered topics including project overview, authorizations in place, works completed so far, key start dates for main activities and upcoming two month lookahead for the project. During the presentation, attendees were given brief on the stakeholder engagement activities planned on the project and grievance/ feedback mechanism to be followed. 

The project website ( was officially announced during the stakeholder meeting. The website was shown to the attendees and this was followed by a description on how to navigate within the website. 

In general the stakeholder meeting was taken well by the attendees and they commented about the transparency maintained by all parties in execution of the Project.