Progress update: Site works

22 November 2023

Completion of works at the island resorts

We are pleased to announce that as of November 13th, the works at island resorts have been completed. Van Oord scope of works at the resort islands including reclamation and filling of geotubes has been executed successfully.

Addu City now has three island resorts, each spanning 8.3 Ha. Sand for the reclamation was sourced from the identified borrow area within the atoll, approved by the EPA. Geotube bund works covering the entire perimeter of the islands are in place as well.

Sit back and enjoy the latest pictures of the completed island resorts!


Island 1

Island 2

Island 3

Commencement of Drainage Works 

We have started the drainage works, and it is currently ongoing at Maradhoo. Another activity that is going on in full swing in Maradhoo is the placement of geocells.

 Maradhoo drainage works