Safety on site

1 January 2023

As we approach to the phase of the execution of works, Safety remains our top priority. Safety is not only for our workers, but also for the local communities. Our personnel on site works nonstop to eliminate factors that could cause accidents at or in the vicinity of the construction site and enforce all safety regulations. 

The land creation works require the use of heavy vehicles for rock transportation and placement but also soil excavation in the lagoon. All the construction sites will have clear indications and safeguards in place, and also protective barriers and signalling where practical. We encourage the local communities to follow our Do’s and Don’ts list:

  • Do respect the construction site boundaries 
  • Do follow the safety signages around the construction site boundaries
  • Do not enter the construction site unless you are accompanied by Contractor-authorised personnel 
  • Do not drive / walk near any Heavy Equipment operational areas. 
  • Be aware and keep safe distance from the Tipper Trucks on public roads 

Having more concerns regarding Safety? Use the Contact form and share with us.

Contractor's laydown area

Safety signs near key work location