Addu citizens to the rescue for 3 green sea turtles

21 June 2023

Enclosing the reclamation footprint is a required activity prior to reclamation to contain sediment dispersion. On the other hand, enclosing marine life including green sea turtles is an unforeseen side effect that needs to be immediately rectified. Thanks to the active volunteers and citizens of Addu, 3 green sea turtles were rescued from the enclosed area of the Hithadhoo zone 1 footprint on 21 June 2023.

Ibrahim shareef, Saalim Rasheed and Alessandro Costa are dive masters in Addu and for us they are the heroes of the day. They are a great example of the local community that is engaged and takes action when it matters the most. Disregarding the low visibility of the night, and working closely with the Contractor, they used all their means to capture those peaceful creatures. They have brought them to safety at Hithadhoo swimming area, north of the reclamation footprint where they released them so that they can swim again freely within the Addu atoll. We remain vigilant and should more marine life be spotted within the enclosed areas we will ask once again for the assistance of our local friends. 

On behalf of the whole project team we would like to say a big thank you and express our gratitude!