Announcement: Maradhoo road crossing of the Reclamation Line

23 May 2023

This is to inform the citizens of Addu that to prepare for reclamation works at Maradhoo, our reclamation pipes will be crossing the road at two points. See the image below for locations. It is expected that the reclamation at Maradhoo will last for a month. During this time, ramps will be prepared at the road crossings to facilitate the movement of traffic. Above mentioned road crossings will be prepared in the coming days, starting from the one at Maradhoo North on May 24th.

Location of reclamation line at Maradhoo

Location of reclamation line crossing at Maradhoo

crossing at Maradhoo North

Reclamation line crossing at Maradhoo North

Line crossing at Maradhoo South

Reclamation line crossing at Maradhoo South