Coral Relocation - Resort Island 3

28 January 2023

The coral relocation works have commenced on 28 January, 2023  within the construction footprint of the Resort island 3 in the northeast side of Addu atoll. The subcontractor's crew consists of marine biologists, snorkellers and  scuba divers, including local snorkelers. They use hand tools (hammer and chisel) to carefully detach coral colonies from the reef currently present in the construction footprint.

Detachment of coral colonies from the area within the construction footprint by a snorkeler

The collected coral colonies are being transported to the nearby designated recipient area using boats and floating baskets, ensuring that they remain always in contact with water.  Recipient areas were selected based on environmental characteristics, such as similar water depth, current velocity  and the availability of suitable substrate for translocation coral colonies.  Medium-sized massive coral colonies are placed directly on the substrate, while fragile coral colonies (mostly branching) are attached to coral frames. This way they are not directly in contact with the sandy bed and the spatial variability of different coral colonies is enhanced.

floating basket with collected coral colonies ready to be moved to their recipient area

Then, the personnel place the coral colonies on nearby designated recipient areas with similar environmental characteristics (water depth, current velocity, substrate composition etc.). Fragile coral colonies are attached to frames in order to develop not directly in contact with sandy bed and also in order to enhance the spatial variability of different coral colonies.

Fragile coral colonies attached to coral frames at their recipient site