Completion of Coral Relocation Works

25 May 2023

We are extremely happy to announce the successful completion of the coral relocation works! Relocation of corals from the project footprint is a key milestone in the ongoing efforts in Environmental protection measures on the project.

With this campaign we have relocated an impressive amount of 71,600 corals, making it one of the largest coral relocation works in South Asia! This incredible achievement is possible only with the passion and hard work carried out by our sub-contractors.  

Over the past few months, beginning in January, the team have been working tirelessly on the field together with Van Oord marine biologist carefully relocating corals from donor sites and placing at safe recipient sites.

The coral relocation campaign is a result of meticulous planning and preparatory works that began in June 2022 with a coral relocation marine survey at the donor and recipient site. This was followed by another baseline survey to further streamline the recipient sites.

It was an honour for us to work with local communities, and volunteers enabling knowledge sharing that could be used in future coral relocation works and we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all participants.

Moving forward the relocated corals will be monitored at regular intervals to ensure health and survival rates. A representative subset of coral species at each recipient site has been tagged for this purpose.  But, for now, we share some photos from the final recipient sites!

Recipient site at South Palm Resort 

Filled-up coral frames 

Moving massive corals

One of the coral recipient sites