Notification to not enter the borrow areas and active reclamation sites

26 May 2023

The dredging and reclamation works for the Addu reclamation project are set to commence in the first week of June.  Trial dredging would start at Hithadhoo zone 2 on the 28th of May. With this post, we would like to inform the citizens of Addu of the locations of the reclamation footprint, dredging borrow areas, and environmental monitoring buoys.

For safety reasons, we request everyone including fishermen, dive clubs, and other mariners to not approach the borrow areas, sites where reclamation works are ongoing, and near the environmental monitoring buoys. Once dredging commences, fishermen are specifically advised to not approach the borrow areas even if the dredger is not seen in the vicinity. This is for your own safety as well as to prevent damage to the fishing nets.

It is also advised not to come near the floating lines for safety reasons as there are (marked) anchors and steel wires below the water level between the anchors and the floating lines.