Announcement: Installation of Environmental Monitoring Buoys

22 May 2023

As part of the environmental protection measures for the ongoing Addu development project, two environmental monitoring buoys have been installed within the atoll as of 22-05-2023. The environmental buoys are installed to ensure continuous monitoring of water quality at the environmental protected areas during the dredging and reclamation works. The buoys are located at the protected areas - British Loyalty and Maakandu Manta Point. Please see the image below for the exact locations.

Additionally, a wave rider buoy has been installed outside the atoll in the location marked below to measure waves during the course of the project.

We would like to request the citizens of Addu to not touch the monitoring buoys and not to sail close by. We thank you for your continued cooperation. 

location_map_monitoring buoys

Environmental Monitoring Buoy

Environmental Monitoring Buoy

Wave rider buoy