Announcement: Location of Reclamation Lines

17 May 2023

This is to inform the citizens of Addu that as we prepare for the reclamation works at Addu, the reclamation pipes (floating lines) are currently being assembled and arranged  at Hithadhoo. The floating lines will be initially parked in the location marked in the photo below. These lines will be later on used for reclamation at different locations.

This post is to share with all the location of the reclamation lines planned for the Project. The purple lines on the photo indicate approximate location of the floating line for each reclamation footprint. It is important to note that, there will be no more than two floating lines in place at any time.  The first lines will be installed the second half of May.

Citizens, specifically fishermen, dive clubs and other mariners are advised not to come near the floating lines for safety reasons.


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